What's next at Commission Church?

Next Steps

We don't just sit at Commission Church.

We are an active group of mobilized followers of Jesus.

We take the Great Commission seriously and try our best to commission each person in our church to do the work of Jesus wherever they are at.

This page will highlight some of the key next steps you should take here at Commission Church.

If you haven't talked with a connections team member and would like help finding the best next step for you, feel free to contact us here. We will reach out and help you get connected at Commission!

Find your life group

Life groups are the easiest way to get integrated at our church. These groups of 5 to 10 people seek to build meaningful communities here at Commission. Click the button below to see all our active life groups, where they are, and what kind of group you find interesting.

Serve at Commission

There are many ways to serve at Commission Church. Every week, our church is involved in several different ministries and activities. Serving at Commission is a great way we get involved in our church and community.

We encourage everyone at Commission to serve in some capacity.

Jesus came to serve. If we want to follow him, then we must live like he lived.

You can find all the ways you can serve in our "Ministry Catalog" OR you can sign up and we will help you find a good place to serve.

Serve the Community of KC at Commission Church

Join a course at the Buntain Center for Kingdom Mobilization

The H.I. Buntain Center for Kingdom Mobilization offers courses and training to empower, train, and mobilize followers of Jesus to do work in God's Kingdom at every level. Whether you are just a member at Commission Church learning the basics of Christian faith or you want to move overseas to advance God's Kingdom across the world we have accessible training for you!

Get baptized

One of the first things followers of Jesus should do is get baptized in water.

Why? Baptism is a public declaration of our faith in Jesus. When we enter the water, our sin and flesh are washed. When we arise out of the water, our sin and flesh are left behind. This act is the first step in a mobilized life with Jesus.

Baptism at Commission Church in KC