A blog post by Pastor Abram

Same church. Different world.

One of the weird things I've noticed in the church world is the patterns of church people...

Many of us sit in the exact same spot every week.

While that is a simply example of human reputation and comfort, the past few years have shown me a more concerning patter.

Jesus people don't value church like they did.

I remember as a kid (2000-2010) growing up in a very different church world then the one we currently live in now. Although I was a pastor's kid, it was still a common experience to go attend church 3x a week—Sunday morning, Sunday night, and Wednesday night.

I would see most of my church friends 3 times each week. Great memories. Dodgeball upstairs after church (I was a PK. I knew the lock combinations to the ball cabinet). Kickball on Wednesday nights. Helping lead Kid's Church. Candy. Bible Quizzing.

I was at church a lot and it was a big part of my life. In many ways, before I got to middle school, church was my social life. Church would have been the filter I viewed my life and my social activity through.

Then something in the late 2000's slowly changed. I would be foolish to say it was sudden or even new to the 21st century.

Church-goers stopped going... at least as much.

The church of today is different than the church I remember as a kid.

As a pastor, I have seen people who were once faithful church-goers fade into casual attenders.

People I once would expect each week in the same seat are there occasionally. People seem to think that being regular at church is a "every other week" kind of engagement.

The reality is this not a Commission Church problem. It is a church culture problem.

This perception of coming to church on Sundays—maybe a couple times a month—is impacting the mission and impact of the church.

Sunday Culture is KILLING the church.

Sunday Culture

If you have been in church for any significant length of time you know what I mean when I say there is a Sunday Culture.

The American Church, as well as portions of the West in general, has picked a single day in which it chooses to manifest its faith.

We have created a system where we can come to church for 1 or 2 hours on Sunday morning and coast through the rest of the week.

Instead of living out our faith each day, we have become satisfied with experiencing a production about Jesus. Limiting our spirituality to attending a service has cause the church to avoid living out the Great Commission.

Where once was a command to "Go into all the world (workplaces, family gatherings, schools, book clubs, sports games...)" now stands a group of people sitting in church, rarely bringing along anyone else.

Sundays have become a coverup for a church that believes one hour of worship is sufficient for completing the Great Commission.

Sundays have become an excuse for our failure to preach God's gospel to those who do not know.

Hearing the gospel preached is not enough to fulfill the Great Commission.

If you—yourself—have not preached the good news of Jesus this week, this month, this year... then you have not obeyed God's commission.


The excitement of Commission Church for me has been an EXPLICIT change in our church's mission.

We no longer care about having a "great time of worship on Sundays."

We can't.

How can we be satisfied about worshiping a God on Sunday when we we daily fail to obey him? The exciting opportunity we have in this new season as a church body is to re-embrace the mission of God's Kingdom—to go into all the world and preach the good news to ALL creation.

Commission church has embraced this challenge so deeply that we have changed everything about our church... even our name.

At Commission Church, we WILL commission and mobilize passionate followers of Jesus. These followers of Jesus will encounter God, connect with others, and impact our world.

The cure for Sunday Culture is a daily mobilized life where followers of Jesus walk in the boldness of the Holy Spirit to preach the good news of Jesus in their own spaces.

The cure to the Sunday Culture the church has created is to take Jesus to the market place, the middle schools, the sport's fields, the libraries, the coffee shops, the gym, the family reunions, and the place you travel to each day...

This cure is NOT a new or novel idea. The solution to this problem is the original intent of the Christian faith.

Going back to Jesus is the only way forward for the church in America and Commission Church...

Killing the Sunday Monster

How can we do this?

How can we kill this Sunday Monster we created?

  1. Buy into the Great Commission... The command of Jesus to take his good news to all people is the driving force of the church. Without a serious dedication to this commission, the Sunday Monster will continue to kill our churches.
  2. Get trained... Learn how to share the good news. Learn how to keep Jesus in each of the 168 hours of your week, not just the two on Sunday. The Buntain Center is our new resource to help you learn how to live a life as a passionate follower of Jesus. Learn more about the Buntain Center here.
  3. Life Groups... Get out of the Sunday only mindset by getting committed to a Life Group. These groups meet weekly and keep us plugged into our community and church body. By adding a midweek time of fellowship to our lives we grow not only relationally, but spiritually as well. Find your life group here.
  4. Get involved... Get involved in any way at any time. The best way to kill the Sunday Monster is to stay involved in the Kingdom of God. There is no such thing as a normal moment. There are only moments we make holy by inviting Jesus into them or moments we make unholy by leaving Jesus out of them.

Friends... this is a new season for us as a church. We must embrace this name. The Great Commission is too great for us to ignore.

Let us rise to the challenge. Let us make Jesus known.


Pastor Abram Bagunu

December 5, 2021