Training passionate followers of Jesus:

The H.I. Buntain Center for Kingdom Mobilization

Becoming a commissioned and mobilized follower of Jesus takes time. Here at Commission Church we have developed the Buntain Center to house our ministry to train and equip Jesus followers.

Kingdom Certificate

If you want to know what its like to live in the Kingdom of God your first step is to complete the Kingdom Certificate at the Buntain Center. This certificate affirms you have explored the essential ideas of the Kingdom of God. The certificate is completed after 3 courses.

Course Breakdown

KING101: Essentials

General foundations and teachings of the Kingdom of God.

KING110: Rhythms and Practices

Spiritual rhythms and practices of a follower of Jesus.

KING120: Kingdom Mission

The mission of God—locally and globally—and our role in the his Kingdom.

*More CERTIFICATES and courses forthcoming

Over the next couple terms, the Buntain Center will unveil new courses on specific books from the Bible and other practical trainings. The Buntain Center will also unveil a Bible Certificate.